Developed on the basis of the project The Independent, dedicated to the mapping and presentation of independent spaces and thinking, this exhibition analyses the issues of food and nutrition, explored by the museum in the exhibition FOOD dal Cucchiaio al mondo.
The exhibition directs the gaze towards a number of Italian independents focussing their work on questions relating to food.
The exhibition presents the interventions of three groups – Pollinaria, Aspra.mente and Interferenze – regarding three fundamental ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: wheat, tomatoes and wine. Each is added progressively to the other to produce a transparent palimpsest, visible in its entirety at the end of the project. A round table at the centre symbolically represents the convivial dimension within which the project exists. Each participating group has involved artists and architects to interpret the multiple and complex declinations of food: it becomes the vehicle for examining broader issues that affect the social, political and economic spheres of the present.

The Projects

Wheat is the focus for the work of the collective FutureFarmers presented by Pollinaria, a residence for artists in the Abruzzo countryside. On this occasion, MAXXI will be housing a stage of the Consortium Instabile project, realised in collaboration with Radio Papesse and devoted to the theme of rurality, presented through the medium of radio.

The tomato is the subject chosen by the collective Aspra.mente, which has set up a collaboration with the design duo Luigi Greco & Mattia Paco Rizzi, the artist Luigi Coppola and the activist Donato Nuzzo. The mobile kitchen they have designed, located at the centre of the space, becomes the setting for numerous activities including a training course for cooks designed for migrants (in collaboration with the Diaconia centre of Frosinone) and tasting sessions.

Wine is taken as a central narrative element in territorial storytelling in the intervention proposed by the Interferenze group. The installation by the artistic duo composed of Enrico Ascoli and Hilario Isola presents the process of fermentation of the must, exploring its rarefied sonic dimension.