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The need for shared reflection regarding the issues of independence led in 2017 to the birth of Garibaldi, The Independent research project’s online magazine. The magazine’s editorial staff changes with each issue, drawing on the staff from The Independent (G. Ferracci, E. Motisi and S. Ciglia) and contemporary thinkers or independent groups invited to the museum. Thanks to this composite gaze, Garibaldi explores the complex universe of the independent practices through interpretative keys of a thematic or geographical nature, establishing a resonance with MAXXI’s programming.

For each issue, Garibaldi has travelled to places such as Istanbul, Italy, China (together with the Institute for Provocation collective) and has investigated themes such as the island (with the Cypriot group Urban Gorillas), education (thanks to the support of Radical Intention) and the significance of independence (in collaboration with NESXT/Independent Art Festival).



July 2018

Issue 05/ July 2018

On the occasion of the MAXXI event, this issue of Garibaldi will be co-edited by NESXT – Independent Art Network. NESXT, which was born in Turin in 2016, is a festival, an observatory and a network devoted to the Italian independent scene, and has been a partner of THE INDEPENDENT since 2017. The space for in-depth analysis provided by the Journal will see NESXT introduce itself through its own manifesto and an interview to Artistic Director Olga Gambari, proposing a reflection on the roots and philosophical statute of independence.


edited by NESXT, Elena Motisi and Simone Ciglia


Radical learning

May 2018

Issue 04/ May 2018

After presenting the Dazibao project at MAXXI within the framework of THE INDEPENDENT last year, the Radical Intention collective has been invited to edit the fourth issue of Garibaldi. This space for reflection has enabled the resumption and deepening of some of the questions that emerged more clearly during the time that the collective spent in the museum: from the theoretical definition of the concepts of autonomy and independence to the possibility of implementing them in the field of culture, through the analysis of radical learning experiences and democratic processes within the framework of discourse platforms.


edited by Radical Intention


DIFFERENCES BLOSSOM. China’s contemporary arts ecology

February 2018

Issue 03/ February 2018

China, which has been considered as a world superpower for many years, holds a key position on the global geopolitical chessboard. Apparently, the complex situation of the country does not hinder, but rather emphasises the need for a critical vision of many unresolved political, social and economic issues, which expresses itself through a plethora of initiatives revolving around independence. This issue of Garibaldi – which is a result of the cooperation with Institute for Provocation, a multidisciplinary collective based in Beijing, presented in the exhibition calendar of THE INDEPENDENT at the MAXXI from 12th October to 26th November 2017 – extends the mapping process to the dynamic independent scene of China, dwelling upon some of the peculiarities imposed by the territory and the overlaps between artistic practices and different contexts.

Curated by Elena Motisi, Simone Ciglia and Institute for Provocation


Docking places. For a possible "isolario"

April 2017

Issue 02/ April 2017

With its third issue, co-curated by the independent group Urban Gorillas, from Cyprus, Garibaldi continues to sail the ocean and docks at a new destination: the island. Topos of independence, the Island is investigated both as a physical place and as a symbolic construction. A limit and a potentiality at the same time, the notion of insularity – as if it were a matryoshka of realities – results from the dialogue between different requests which sometimes clash with one another, giving birth to new forms of independence. Treading new paths – from Sicily to Cyprus, from Israel to the Mediterranean up to imaginary places – through architecture, visual art and literature, this time Garibaldi traces a possible isolario.

curated by Simone Ciglia, Elena Motisi, Urban Gorillas


Frammenti d’Italia

October 2016

Issue 01/ October 2016

Coinciding with the presentation at MAXXI of work by independent group Base / Projects for the arts, the “artist-run space” headquartered in Florence, the second edition of Garibaldi focuses its gaze upon our own country. In keeping with the spirit of the magazine, this gaze is constructed from a multitude of perspectives: it contemplates the Italian independent scene through a reflection that tangibly analyses its school of thought and contextualises some of the latest significant examples within a broad historical landscape.



June 2016

Issue 00/ June 2016

The independent scene in one of the new contemporary epicenters: user’s manual.

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