A project room conceived to show the public not only works of art but also a particular approach to artistic research.

The title Superstimolo is born out of the eponymous concept theorized by the ethologist and Nobel Prize winner Nikolaas Tinbergen in 1948. Indeed, Tinbergen’s “supernormal stimulus” is an artificial stimulus, quantitatively or qualitatively strengthened with respect to its natural state, causing more intense instinctive reactions. Starting from this premise, the project seeks to corroborate the hypothesis that art itself can be defined as something that activates the visitor in ways that are more complex and diversified with respect to the normal.

The environments presented are linked to the most recent research initiated by Numero Cromatico on the mechanisms of synaesthetic perception and on how the aesthetic experience is made up of multiple components and determined by physiological, cultural, and environmental factors. Each project’s phase is distinguished by particular sounds, smells, materials, shapes, and colors, which are offered in the form of various devices.

The objective is to create an immersive and introspective space, an environment built to trigger an intense reaction in the user and to outline a new mode of coexistence between humans and artificial intelligences and between elements that are apparently the opposite of each other, seeking to unravel the idea of distance and diversity.

photo © Percorso Urbano in Deprivazione Visiva, Numero Cromatico, 2021