Founded in 2013 by Gianni Garrera, Giuseppe Garrera and Carlo Pratis, Una Vetrina is a non-stop place for the consumption of thoughts and daydreams: that which happens within the field of critical vision of the vetrina/showcase is its own museum. A space in which the contents are put in the shop window, for the attention or indifference of passers-by

The Mormorazione project is associated with the verbal vocation of the Una Vetrina space, with the frequent exposition of proclamations, writings, complaints and censures through which revolutions and utopias are denounced.
Those contributing are artists, philosophers and theologians with spare, repetitive writing, without decorative elements or superfluous signs, indifferent to graphic skills. The premise is that the highest representation is the word: every inscription invokes the replacement of reality by the word and declares that the verbal element is superior to any other manifestation of art. The highest apparition if the vision of a speech.