Garibaldi Journal / #03 February 2018

DIFFERENCES BLOSSOM. China’s contemporary arts ecology

China, which has been considered as a world superpower for many years, holds a key position on the global geopolitical chessboard. Apparently, the complex situation of the country does not hinder, but rather emphasises the need for a critical vision of many unresolved political, social and economic issues, which expresses itself through a plethora of initiatives revolving around independence. This issue of Garibaldi – which is a result of the cooperation with Institute for Provocation, a multidisciplinary collective based in Beijing, presented in the exhibition calendar of THE INDEPENDENT at the MAXXI from 12th October to 26th November 2017 – extends the mapping process to the dynamic independent scene of China, dwelling upon some of the peculiarities imposed by the territory and the overlaps between artistic practices and different contexts.

Curated by Elena Motisi, Simone Ciglia and Institute for Provocation

DIFFERENCES BLOSSOM. China’s contemporary arts ecology
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