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Dryphoto arte contemporanea

Via delle Segherie, 33, Prato, Toscana, Italy

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7 October 2023 - 7 October 2023

Via delle Segherie, Prato, Tuscany

Breakfast and guided tour of the works of Stefano Boccalini, new permanent installation for the Piazza dell’Immaginario project, Prato 2014/2023 curated by Alba Braza.
Do we know how to look? Do we know how to listen? Do we know how to dream?
Three questions that ask us about our relationship with the context we live in, questions that want us to reflect the way we move within our existence.
They are also questions that, posed in a public context, push us to think or rethink about our relationship with the physical space and with the anthropological space that surrounds us, starting from the desire;
questions that push us to open a debate about the relationship with the public space in general, and with this space in particular.

During the visit, the works in Piazza dell’Immaginario installed in 2014/2015 and restored in 2023 will also be visible.
Permanent artworks by Andrea Abati, Francis Alÿs, Bleda y Rosa, Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Bianco-Valente, Bert Theis.

Saturday 7th of October 2023
Giornata del Contemporaneo Nineteenth Edition, promoted by AMACI – Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums
Breakfast and guided tour
9,30 am
starting from Dryphoto arte contemporanea, via delle Segherie 33a, Prato
by reservation only
Reservation: mob 3472297801 – by october 5th

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