Laboratorio Artistico Pietra

Via Giacinto Carena, 27, 10144 Torino TO, Italia


Annalisa Zegna

Laboratorio Artistico Pietra

+ 5 years / Association no for profit / Independents Arts Organisation / Workshop (seminars / labs / residencies / …) / Visual Arts / Other

Laboratorio Artistico Pietra is a non-profit self-managed studio, dedicated to the activity of professionals and artists, open to the audience and fresh collaborations.
The lab is an open space of 150 mq and hosts woodworkers, set designers, metalworkers, engravers, screen printers, photo developers, illustrators, painters, urban artists, light and sound designers, mixed-media artists.

Periodically, Pietra opens its doors to the audience with music events, exhibitions, performances, cineforum, in addiction to workshops for youngers and adults, beginners and experts.

The lab driving force is the synergy in the arts that take place there. Spaces and people move
organically developing a self-training practice and the growth of flexible minds.

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