Via G. Sciuti, 91L, 90144 Palermo PA, Italia


Giulia Crisci


+5 anni / Associazione no profit / Piattaforma (sito web / rivista online / museo digitale / ecc...) / Spazio Indipendente / Mostre / Workshop (seminari / laboratori / residenze) / Architettura / Pianificazione / Design / Ecologia / Musica

VacuaMoenia — from the Latin for empty walls — is a collective of Sicilian researchers investigating the sound environment, starting from the historical, anthropological, social, and bio-acoustical abandonment coordinates, reaching the consideration of the soundscape as a pictorial palette of sounds for assignment of new aesthetic meanings thanks to the medium of recording and electro-acoustic composition.
VacuaMoenia was selected for Tempo Reale Collection “Sound at Work” and the symposium “Invisible Places” in Viseu (PT), it has taken part of the FKL Symposium (DE), SAE Symposium (UK), Nuit Blanche in Paris (FR), Klingt Gut! Fest (DE), Sound and Memories (UK), Sonorities Festival (UK) and Manifesta12 (IT). VacuaMoenia releases "Panphonia" on CronicaElectronica in 2018.

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