Museo d’Inverno

Siena, Italy


MUSEO d’INVERNO focuses on unknown the stories of Art History and fulfils a desire for a less immediate understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art. Md’I invites artists to choose and curate a selection of artworks from their own collections,  highlighting key relationships, moments and elements of their careers and their lives. Diòspero is a project inviting artists to design a site-specific piece or artwork that enhances and transforms museum aesthetics and its functional aspects, thus including the concept of a  permanent collection. Conceived and directed by the artists Francesco Carone and Eugenia Vanni, Md’I is located above the basin of the 14th-century fountain known as Fonte Nuova, and and it exists in synergy with Contrada della Lupa, one of Siena’s 17 districts. The museum opened in February 2016, presenting a show of James Lee Byars by  Maurizio Nannucci. "electronicOrphanage @ siena" exhibited Miltos Manetas web works. In 2017 we opened "Io. We. You…", consisting of Luca Pancrazzi's collection in the exhibition.