Associazione Culturale [chì-na]

Prato, Italy


[chì-na] is a cultural association co-founded in 2014 by Cosimo Balestri, Emanuele Barili, Luca Ficini, Alberto and Guido Gramigni. [chi-na] stems from the desire to do something concrete and visible, to become “active agents of an idea of wonder” and create a platform to share and develop our passions and projects. We chose as our office an abandoned warehouse inside the Macrolotto Zero, the Chinatown of Prato, since it is a place that represents the difficulties and contradictions of our time, embodies a certain view of ours of the world and from the start, has had a magnetic appeal on us. The purpose of [chì-na] is to study and investigate issues related to culture, in all of its declinations, promoting them in a creative and multidisciplinary way.