Caffè Internazionale

Palermo, Italy


Caffè Internazionale is a pub in the center of Palermo. It's owned by Darrell Shines, afroamerican music and theater producer, and Stefania Galegati italian visual artist. They work with Davide Ricco, barman and curator from Puglia, Maame Kissiwa Din-Chin from Ghana and Nazrul Islam from Bangldesh. Facing the courtyard there's the gallery that hosted 23 shows (Coquelicot Mafille, E il Topo, Giancarlo Norese,the Drifters...). Next to it there's a little design shop. Then the main space with the bar and last room: the stage that hosts concerts (Nai Palm, Sassy Black, Elettromagnetico3, Dean Bowman...) and weekly IntellectualEYEzed, a format of talks (astrophysics, contemporary art, history, politics...)