Edizioni Inaudite / INAUDITA

Torino, Italy


INAUDITA collaborates and interacts with the other spaces, institutions nationally and internationally. Through its projects, among other things, the association is part of the MAXXI Foundation's Independent Project, COLLAcontemporary and NEsxT networks, and it participated in various editions of the International Book Fair - OFF, show and events sponsored by the City of Turin, such as Torino meets Berlin. INAUDITA is a cultural and artistic non-for-profit association. Founded in 2017 in Turin by Barbara Fragogna, Francesca Vesco and Davies S. Zambotti, in collaboration with Elena Carta, the programming aims at promoting/supporting artistic production and curatorial practice, as well as artistic/editorial research, in various Italian and international contexts. Edizioni Inaudite one of the projects of INAUDITA.  EDIZIONI INAUDITE is an independent and non-for-profit editorial artists-run project initiated in October 2013 in Berlin from an idea of Barbara Fragogna. The project is now based in Turin. It aims at favouring a culture/education of collecting, and promoting contemporary art beyond the typical art scenes’ own aura and precluded contexts. The works published and edited by Inaudite Editions are mostly artist's books, therefore unique pieces, in limited editions. Each edition is a self-managed collaboration and revenues are reinvested in new publications. INAUDITA also promotes FUSION ART GALLERY, founded in 2003 and turned into  2003 an independent space for experimentation and research in 2015; It also manages FUSION AIR - Artist-in-Residence Program, which is supported by the international partners ResArtis and Residency Unlimited.