Torino, Italy


Diogene was founded in Turin in 2007 as an artistic self-identity group of people working together to create a place for reflecting and exchanging ideas concerning the issues and means of contemporary art practice. Its main projects are 'Bivaccourbano_R', an international residency for artists who are hosted at the Diogene tram; 'DiogeneLab', an educational workshop with schools in the city’s Aurora district; 'Serie inversa', studio visits and exhibitions of artists working in Piedmont; 'Collecting People', a series of conferences and debates; 'Solid Void', a training school for artists. Diogene’s members are: Franco Ariaudo, Andrea Caretto, Manuele Cerutti, Luca Luciano, Valerio Manghi, Laura Pugno, Raffaella Spagna and Cosimo Veneziano.