Varese, Italy


“Riss” in German is “split”, “crack”, “gash”; and the light comes in from the crack. It is only by crossing the limits, that one can re-attribute a new meaning to making and, in particular, to art making. Crossing the limits is like crossing borders: a wanderer's attitude. Without a map, without a destination, without return; because the only destination is to begin again, in order to leave. Riss(e) has that mentality. It is a physical space, but only accidentally, because there cannot be any “here”. Riss(e) wants to rather be “everywhere”, “somewhere else” made by gatherings. Riss(e) is collaborative. Since 2014, when it was founded, it organized over 50 exhibitions and created Zentrum, a platform that hosts another three other exhibition spaces: Surplace, Yellow, Anonimakunsthalle.