Roma, Italy


gammm is a site and group founded in 2006 by Gherardo Bortolotti, Alessandro Broggi, Marco Giovenale and Michele Zaffarano. Now the editorial board includes Mariangela Guatteri and Andrea Raos. The site deals with avant-garde and experimental literature, glitch art, installations, new "écriture" (especially focused on "prose in prose" and the work of U.S. and French authors like Charles Bernstein, Ron Silliman, Jean-Marie Gleize, Nathalie Quintane). Translations and posts are published weekly. The site recently celebrated its 10th birthday with a series of readings in Teatroinscatola (Roma), involving authors like Nanni Balestrini, Carlo Bordini, Vincenzo Ostuni and many others. Here's the 2006-2016 summary:


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