PERSONAL effectsonsale and foodonsale

Bologna, Italy


personal is a collective project about the artist's personal life: during its first three years the research has been focused for the first event - personal effectsonsale - on an object-oriented approach, while for the second event - personal foodonsale - a culinary approach has been chosen: the public was widely involved, and two books were published. personal effectsonsale and personal foodonsale are two exhibition projects, curated by a group of curators, art historians, artists, architects and communication experts: F. Calzolari, D. Casini, V. Emaldi, I. Guzman, V. Rossi, M. Scotti, Sissi. personal effectsonsale was set up at the Esprit Nouveau Pavillion (Bologna), Arte Fiera art fair, 2012. personal foodonsale was set at the Laboratori Dams (Bologna) for La Scienza in Piazza festival