CACCA – Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea sulla Cultura Alimentare

Bologna, Italy


CACCA is the italian acronym for Contemporary Art Center for Food Culture. It's a tiny space in Bologna city center (22mq) and from summer 2019 also a wide rural space inside Panem Et Circenses collective (CACCA's founder) farm Ca'Inua in the Appennino (10ha). Our research focus is the food culture with all its connections and relations with other fields natural or cultural ones. How it enters inside artists works, as a tool or as a subject to indagate, in any situation where food is used not just as an aesthetic element but as a significant one. A recent important research vain of the Center, in view of the opening of the rural space, is the connection between art and agriculture and the re-connection with nature supported by an artist in residence project which will start this summer.