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the independent groups

    Telescope Beijing
    @No.10 Caochangdi, Chaoyang District
    Beijing, China

    Telescope {artist studio} is a non-profit styled project space located in Cao Chang Di, Beijing. Its aim is to serve the emerging artists and art communities of China by providing exhibition,...


    Museum of Site (MOST)
    @Hong Kong
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR)

    The existence of MOST (Museum of Site) is emblematic of a parallel quality/ voice of our conventional culture, institution and museum. Andrew Lam, director of MOST, studied theory and history of...


    Xisan Film Studio
    @Guangzhou, Nanpu
    Guangzhou Shi, China

    Xisan film studio is not an art institution. It is a “movie festival” which is planed by a group of artists who are living in this village until now. The artists have no rights to intervene the...


    Minority Space
    @Room 1605, City's Xinhai'an Elegant Garden, Beijing, China
    Beijing, China

    Minority Space is an independent non-profit art space based in Beijing (P.R. China) and London (U.K.). Aiming to be a catalyst of creative expressions contributed by emerging artists, the space is...


    Madrid, Spain

    Emma is a self-organised collaborative and curatorial organisation for artistic and cultural practices that encourages dialogue and exploration in the arts by creating learning and residential...


    Untitled Space
    @Niushetouwan Road
    Suzhou, China

    Untitled Space is an independent art space founded and run by artists. As the title ‘Untitled’ suggests, we strive to provide creative space and exchange platform for contemporary artists without...


    @Via Murat
    Palagiano, Italy

    Z.N.S. project, or “Zentral Nerve System”. More “Central nervous system ". The aim of the project is to Integrate Key feaures of creative processing, trying to transmit animated in exchange for...


    K-Gold Temporary Gallery
    Mitilini, Greece

    K-Gold Temporary Gallery is a non-profit nomadic platform for contemporary art that was founded in 2014 in the Greek island of Lesvos by Nicolas Vamvouklis. It focuses on collaborative approaches to...

  • StudioMDT
    @via Marsala 18
    Prato, Italy

    MDT Studio was creates inside an ex textile workshop in Marsala street by the artists Raffaele Di Vaia, Franco Menicagli, Stefano Tondo that, in addition to the space sharing for their own art...

  • inner room
    @Via Guccio di Mannaia, 15
    Siena, Italy

    Inner room is born in continuity and in discontinuity with the Italian artistic affair: the continuous aspect refers mainly to the performative character of the initiative. All the details are...

  • Pierre Dupont
    Milano, Italy

    Pierre Dupont is the “Mr. Whoever”, adaptable identity which pursues the path of accessibility and participation, according to an inclusive curatorial practice. He is interested in experimenting...

    @Via Azzo Gardino, 12
    Bologna, Italy

    LOCALEDUE born in 2013. The main goal of the organization is to look after the sperimentation, in order to observ, to host and to encourage new artistic practices. The exhibition programme is dense...

  • Museo d’Inverno
    @Via Pian D'Ovile, 29
    Siena, Italy

    MUSEO d’INVERNO, focusing on unknown “stories” behind Art History, fulfills the need for less immediate understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art. Md’I invites artists to choose and...

  • Artforms
    @Via Genova, 17
    Prato, Italy

    Artforms is a cultural association born in 2014 with the aim of opening up to the territory by promoting art in its widest forms. It has thus given life to important art events creating synergies...

  • Ritmo
    @Via Grotte Bianche, 62
    Catania, Italy

    Ritmo was born in Catania in January 2013. It's an independent cultural space, located in the historical district of the 'Fera o Luni' which is the main open market in the town. The gallery offers...

  • ATI suffix
    @Via Umberto Partini, 19 c/o OZ
    Roma, Italy

    Ati suffix is an interdisciplinary collective based in Rome committed to alter itself on a project base. The spirit is exemplified by the constant change of nomination and the methodological use of...

  • Sardarch
    @Via Sidney Sonnino, 77
    Cagliari, Italy

    Sardarch is an interdisciplinary research and design practice dedicated to a variety of subjects, concerned with urban and territorial transformations. Founded in 2008, it is led by Francesco Cocco,...

    @Viale Giovanni Bovio, 29
    pescara, Italy


  • Edizioni Inaudite
    @Piazza Amedeo Peyron, 9
    Torino, Italy

    Edizioni Inaudite is an INDEPENDENT Artist Run Publishing Project. Our mission is to spread and free the culture of collecting art from the pretentions allure which rules out the majority of us....

    @Via Taranto
    Lecce, Italy

    PROGETTO TOPPUNT is a research project conceived and created by the artists Gazza Giulia and Francesco Romanelli. The project, (born in 2015), is inspired by the will to connecting people (whether...

  • Montecristo Project
    @Mediterranean Sea
    cagliari, Italy

    Montecristo Project is an exhibition space in a deserted island along the Sardinian coasts. Started in 2015 it is conceived and ran by Enrico Piras and Alessandro Sau. The main space is located...

  • /77
    @Via Plinio, 43
    Milano, Italy

    /77 is an artist-run-project founded by Giulia Ratti, Alessandro Moroni, Nicole Colombo and Luca Loreti. The group aims at creating collaborations and projects involving young artists. Our main...

  • Artivisive Cavallerizza
    @Via Giuseppe Verdi, 9
    Torino, Italy

    The Cavallerizza Visual Arts Group created during the “ HERE” exhibition In Turin,May 2016 • Free Academy / open workshops – open to the public practical or theoretical workshops,...

    @Via Ferdinando Gregorovius, 15
    Milano, Italy

    ATRII is a collective project that investigates, through contemporary art, the concept of atrium or andron from a processual and theoretical point of view. All invited artists are required to...

  • PUSH
    @Piazza Sant'Anna, 3
    Palermo, Italy

    PUSH is a design lab. We help communities, public bodies and private organizations to innovate and have impact in a sustainable way. Through service design we aim to push cities forward by...

  • gammm
    @via Virginio Jacoucci 12, 00152 Rome
    Roma, Italy

    gammm is a site and group founded in 2006 by Gherardo Bortolotti, Alessandro Broggi, Marco Giovenale and Michele Zaffarano. Now the editorial board includes Mariangela Guatteri and Andrea Raos. The...

  • Sedici
    @Via Amintore Fanfani, 18
    Prato, Italy

    SEDICI is a group of free-lance photographers, visual arts experts, editors and curators. The association aims to create and promote cultural events in order to expand the knowledge of photography...

  • Caffè Internazionale
    @Via S. Basilio, 37
    Palermo, Italy

    Caffè Internazionale is a pub in the center of Palermo. It's owned by Darrell Shines, afroamerican music and theater producer, and Stefania Galegati italian visual artist. They work with Davide...

  • Kinkaleri/spazioK
    @via santa chiara 38/2
    Prato, Italy

    Kinkaleri was given birth in 1995 as a grouping of formats and means balancing in the attempt. Joining their previous experiences and studies worked out in various fields, the components agree with...

    @Via Genova, 17
    Prato, Italy

    SC17 As artist run space has been always interested on the processes of the art work, on its transformations related to the space where is created. It hosts a diverse range of practices and...

  • Kaninchen-Haus
    @Via S. Giovanni Battista la Salle, 16
    Torino, Italy

    kaninchenhaus is a organization established in 2009 in Turin, within the area of Porta Palazzo. It is active in the field of contemporary art and culture both at a local and international level. KH...

  • RAUM
    @Via Ca' Selvatica 4/d 40123 Bologna
    Bologna, Italy

    Raum, Xing's headquarters in Bologna, is a space dedicated to the support of contemporary cultural production. Its challenge is primarily aimed at italian artists who meet and collaborate, often for...

  • Institute for Provocation
    @13 Hei Zhi Ma Hu Tong
    Beijing, China

    The Institute for Provocation is a Beijing-based workspace and think tank with residency program, workshops, lectures and exhibitions. IFP aims to be a crossway between art, architecture, performance...

  • Herkes İçin Mimarlik
    Istanbul, Turkey

    "‘Herkes İçin Mimarlık’ (Architecture for All) is a non-profit organization based in Istanbul that provides democratic and collaborative design processes between government representatives,...

  • Lux
    @Vico Lupinato, 1
    Città Sant\'Angelo, Italy

    Innovative research between contemporary music and visual art. A project to promote a different form of art, in the context of museums/galleries conceived as artistic spaces of...

    @Via Ruggero D'Altavilla, 10
    Roma, Italy

    POLISONUM is a sound research project about places and ambiences. It aims at reinventing the urban space, at deconstructing it, by breaking its schemes and routines, and by putting in relation...

  • BASE Progetti per l’Arte
    @Via di S. Niccolò, 18
    Firenze, Italy

    Base / Progetti per l'arte is an idea of artists for artists. Base is a unique place for art practice in Italy. The activity, begun in 1998, is curated by a collective of artists who live and work in...

    Istanbul, Turkey

    PASAJ is an Istanbul based artist initiative. It is run by two artists, two cultural operators and one curator. At PASAJ, the power belongs completely to the artist. PASAJ hosts socially engaged and...

  • Urban Gorillas
    @Vasileos Pavlou 78
    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Urban Gorillas is an NGO based in Nicosia, Cyprus that is run by a multi-disciplinary team of urban enthusiasts who envision healthy and socially inclusive cities. Our Mission is to activate urban...

  • Carrozzerie | n.o.t
    @Via Panfilo Castaldi
    Roma, Italy

    Carrozzerie | n.o.t it’s a post industrial space [about 300 sq. mt.] between Trastevere and Testaccio areas, in the heart of Rome. Before having been changed into a cultural and performing arts...

    @Via dei Quintili, 144
    Roma, Italy

    Spazio Y, luogo indipendente deputato all’arte contemporanea, nasce dal dialogo e dall’interazione di un gruppo di artisti presenti nel quadrante sud est di Roma, nell’ex borgata del Quadraro...

  • Associazione 22:37
    @Via Pozzo 13, 24020 Bratto, Bergamo
    Milano, Italy

    22:37 is a non-profit association with an artistic and cultural aim. Founded in February 2009 from the meeting of young curators and artists whose common feature is the interest in artistic...

  • ARK
    @Via Donatello, 9
    Milano, Italy

    Founded in 2014 and directed by Fabio Carnaghi in cooperation with artists and specialists, ARK is an independent project that aims dialogue between contemporary art and cultural heritage trought a...

  • Una Vetrina
    @Via del Consolato, 12
    Roma, Italy

    Our space is a place for the consumption of incessant thoughts and open-eyed visions, a place of transmission, distribution and free fulfilment devoted to inanity and waste of images, texts,...

  • Radical Intention
    @Via del Mucciano 11
    Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy

    Through research-driven approaches Radical Intention expands the horizon of possibilities for collective experiences/actions focusing on the affinity between the social-political and artistic...

  • Current
    @Via Sant'Agnese, 12
    Milano, Italy

    CURRENT is a platform started by artists and curators. It is based in an independent space in Milan, a place for experimentation and exhibition of contemporary forms of creation. CURRENT is an...

  • doppiozero
    @via Fioravanti, 3, 20154, Milano
    Milano, Italy

    doppiozero is a non-profit web magazine and a digital publishing house based in Milan, Italy. Since February 2011 we have published articles, essays, reviews and personal blogs daily. These were by...

  • Dimora Artica
    @Via Matteo Maria Boiardo, 11
    Milano, Italy

    Founded in 2012, Dimora Artica is an independent space and a curatorial project, finalized to identify and promote connections between contemporary art trends and the traditional culture. Andrea...

  • Diogene
    @TRAM DIOGENE Rotonda Corso Regio Parco / Corso Verona 10152 Torino, Italy
    Torino, Italy

    Diogene was founded in Turin in 2007 as an artistic self-identity group of people working together to create a place for reflecting and exchanging ideas concerning the issues and means of...

  • 5533
    @IMC Unkapni 5th Block. No. 5533
    Istanbul, Turkey

    5533 was founded in 2007 by artists Nancy Atakan and Volkan Aslan, is an independent contemporary art space in Istanbul that presents exhibitions, research, and debates. Emphasizing dialogue it aims...

  • Site Specific
    @Via Nazionale, 1041
    Scicli, Italy

    Site Specific is an independent group based in Scicli (Sicily, Italy), a city included in the UNESCO World Heritage Cities Programme, and focuses on research and experimentation in contemporary art....

  • Pollinaria
    @Torre delle Valli
    Civitella Casanova, Italy

    Pollinaria is an organic farm and research entity operating in the rural context of Abruzzo, Italy, since 2007. It promotes innovative, integrated work in the fields of art and science, agriculture...

  • Magmart
    @via s. leonardo
    Napoli, Italy

    Magmart | video under volcano is an international videoart festival, which over the years has seen the participation of more than 1400 artists from 84 different countries, with over 3500 submitted...

  • MARS- Milan Artist Run Space
    @Via Guido Guinizelli 6
    Milano, Italy

    The liveliest artist run space in Milan. Founded and directed by Lorenza Boisi, with present co-directors Yari Miele, in cooperation with Nicola Genovese. MARS has hosted more that 200 artists in a...

  • Social Soups
    @5, Via Ludovico Antonio Muratori
    Genova, Italy

    Social Soups is a platform project for aesthetics of social activities with a certain regard for the social implication of food. Social Soups is a project by Rachela Abbate and Maria Rebecca...

  • Isola Art Center
    @Via Guglielmo Pepe
    Milano, Italy

    Isola Art Center is an open, experimental platform for contemporary art based in Milan's Isola neighborhood. It is powered by energy, enthusiasm and solidarity. Over the last decade Isola Art Center...

  • CARS
    @Via Pastrengo
    Omegna, Italy

    Art Residency, with Industrial mecenate- La Nuova FAro, founded by Lorenza Boisi and Andrea Ruschetti- in OMEGNA- VB- Piedmont. Guesting both Italian and foreign artists according to diversified...

  • No Man’s Land Collective
    @Via Giuseppe la Masa
    Palermo, Italy

    No Man's Land is a collective of independent photographers that arises from the critical
to individualism prevailing in the world of art
and photography in particular. Reality in which the...

  • Osservatorio Fotografico
    @Via Tommaso Gulli, 51
    Ravenna, Italy

    OSSERVATORIO FOTOGRAFICO is an experimental platform for research on photography, founded in Ravenna in 2009 by Silvia Loddo, art historian, and Cesare Fabbri, photographer. The main lines of...

  • Dryphoto arte contemporanea
    @Via delle Segherie, 33
    Prato, Italy

    Dryphoto is a non-profit cultural space founded in 1977. Thinking about the linguistic meaning of the photographic medium, the mechanisms of sight and the representation of reality, meant getting...

    @Via delle Industrie, 9
    Foligno, Italy

    VIAINDUSTRIAE is a non-profit cultural association and architects collective, born in 2005 to manage and "perform" an archive of modern and contemporary art private collection. Then it activates a...

  • Casa Sponge
    Pergola, Italy

    Casa Sponge is an association founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting contemporary art out of the traditional system. The headquarters is an old country house - an actually inhabited house - on the...

  • Ass. Culturale beBOCS
    @Via Grimaldi, 150
    Catania, Italy

    BOCS is a new space outside of traditional exhibition circuits. It is the first "artist run space" in Catania to be officially established. A “raw” and versatile container in which artistic...

  • Reporting System
    @Via Torquato Taramelli, 57
    Milano, Italy

    Reporting System is an interdisciplinary association for contemporary art which promotes creative processes in public space. Founded in 2004 by Gennaro Castellano, artist, and Antonella...

  • The Blank Contemporary Art
    @Via Giacomo Quarenghi, 50
    Bergamo, Italy

    The Blank Bergamo Contemporary Art is a non-profit cultural association established in Bergamo in 2010 in order to spread and develop passion and curiosity for contemporary art. “The Blank”,...

  • Ramdom
    @Via San Francesco D' Assisi
    Gagliano del Capo, Italy

    Ramdom is a cultural no-profit organization. Founded in 2011 at the tip of Italy’s heel, Ramdom creates and provides training in contemporary art and promotes mobility through masterclass,...

  • Trial Version
    @Metropolitan City of Florence
    Florence, Italy

    Trial Version is an urban project that was born in Florence. Trial Version spots and reactivates disused architectural spaces (apartments, shops, stores, garages) temporarily turning them in...

  • Kunstverein (Milano)
    @Via Raimondo Franchetti, 1
    Milano, Italy

    Kunstverein (Milano) is an experimental curatorial platform for exhibitions, research and production of contemporary visual art. Part of a network of sister organisations with Kunstvereins in...

  • Resilienza italiana
    @Via Aurelio Saffi, 9
    Milano, Italy

    Resilienza italiana: an Art movement, a real motus, for the rebirth of the Italian culture. An inclusive movement: born from 7 persons, it exists in function of meetings, dialogues, a blend of...

  • plug_in
    @Via Roma 25/22
    Busalla, Italy

    plug_in is a non-profit association for the promotion of architecture and visual arts in contemporary society. Since 2003 he has created workshops, exhibitions, lectures and actions in the suburbs....

  • Esperimenti Architettonici
    @Via Bari, 189
    Altamura, Italy

    Glocal collaborative platform that acts between web and territory to promote innovative urban regeneration strategies focused on active citizenship. The nationwide network was established in 2011 in...

  • Aspra.mente
    @Via Volturno, 7
    Padova, Italy

    Aspra.mente originated from the idea of "work in progress", intended as the conception of interdisciplinary projects which develop over time. The work which arises is often product of an in depth...

  • Costruttori di Babele
    @via Spinola 1/6A, 17100 Savona - Italy
    Savona, Italy

    Costruttori di Babele is a project based on fantastic architectures, environments, irregular universes created in Italy by “bricklayers of imaginary world”: unacknowledged, self-taught artists...

  • APS East Village
    @Via Persereano, 1
    Trivignano Udinese, Italy

    RAVE East Village Artist Residency deals with the role of contemporary art in relation to the otherness represented by animals, and with the need to rethink ourselves through biocentrism and...

  • Wurmkos
    @via Puccini, 60
    Sesto San Giovanni, Italy

    Founded by Pasquale Campanella in 1987, Wurmkos is a group of artists with and without mental desease. Art and mental health merge at the Farmacia Wurmkos open-space without pursuing salvation....

  • sguardo contemporaneo
    Rome, Italy

    sguardo contemporaneo is a curatorial collective founded in 2007 by art historians and curators based in Rome. Born as a monthly online information issue about artists, exhibitions and cultural...

  • E Il Topo
    @Piazza Carlo Irnerio 13
    Milano, Italy

    E il Topo was founded in 1992 by Gabriele Di Matteo, Piero Gatto, Franco Silvestro and vedovamazzei, in Naples and Milan. Based on the concepts of inclusion and defocusing, it has prophetically...

  • San Rocco
    @Corso Indipendenza 14
    Milano, Italy

    SAN ROCCO is a magazine about architecture. SAN ROCCO does not solve problems. It is not a useful magazine. SAN ROCCO is neither serious nor friendly. SAN ROCCO is written by architects. As such,...

  • Peninsula
    @Lehderstraße 64
    Berlin, Germany

    Peninsula non profit association, is a group of artists, designers, curators and art critcs largely Italian, who have settled in Berlin during the past decade. Our aim is to provide an area of...

  • Interferenze new arts festival
    @Via Frattasi, 20
    San Martino Valle Caudina, Italy

    Interferenze is more than an electronic art festival. It's an event that offers an unusual writing of the natural environment which, through rural landscapes, outlying lands and the "inappropriate...

  • AlbumArte
    @Via Flaminia, 122
    Roma, Italy

    AlbumArte is an independent and non-profit exhibition space in Rome, stands out for its international collaborations and for its talks and meetings on contemporary languages, offering to the public a...

  • Vessel
    @Via Roma, 36A
    Troia, Italy

    Vessel is a platform for the development of a critical discourse related to cultural, social, economic and political processes taking place in the South of Italy and in the Euro-Mediterranean area....

  • Giuseppefraugallery
    @Loc. Normann 4
    Gonnesa, Italy

    Giuseppefraugallery is an artist collective who acts through the fields of art and activism, by experiencing new forms of cultural resistance and resilience. It is based in Sulcis Iglesiente, a...

  • Due Punti Architettura
    @Amalfi SA
    sa, Italy

    ‘Due punti architettura’ is an indipendent and experimental project, driven by young architects coming from of all over the world. It offers urbanistic and architectural solutions to the small...

  • IndiziTerrestri
    @Viale Nicola Fornelli
    Napoli, Italy

    IndiziTerrestri is an association of architects and urban planners. Their main goal is to promote inclusive practices in the transformation of a geographical area, such as action-research,...

  • Print About Me
    Turin, Italy

    PrintAboutMe is a project promoting contemporary, alternative and independent graphic work based in Turin, Italy. The project is curated by Beatrice Zanelli (Arteco), Paolo Berra, Mattia...

  • MoRE museum
    @Viale delle Rimembranze, 52
    Parma, Italy

    MoRE is an online museum that protects unrealised artworks by artists from the XX and XXI Century, a virtual space where the planning phase of every artist is considered as an essential part of...