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The existence of MOST (Museum of Site) is emblematic of a parallel quality/ voice of our conventional culture, institution and museum. Andrew Lam, director of MOST, studied theory and history of art in Hong Kong and England‘s University of Cambridge (Cantab) and Victorian Society (London) and he initiated the collective MOST, which has been a community-cum-alternative space in Hong Kong since 1994. MOST represents an expanding glocal curatorial purview and innovative platform, aiming to advance insightful perspectives and projects for the art community in China and Hong Kong. Andrew Lam aims to re-contextualize exhibition/ performance art strategies, re-imagine new approach and design in global frameworks and conceive experimental curatorial and museum notions of glocalism which refreshes the many levels of physical and psychological, historical and cultural realities of the region. In the last 10 years, Andrew Lam has initiated a dynamic array of curatorial program for the Museum of Site, Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences and MOCA-China in the capacity of curator. Cross-media artist Prof. Andy Tam (Chair of Board of Directors, 2017) lectures in Hong Kong and Zhuhai (UIC_Hong Kong Baptist University/ Beijing University) and he collaborated with Andrew Lam as a duo in a great many international events of MOST, which are presented in the Hong Kong Art Biennale, Shenzhen Biennale of Contemporary Art, Kunming Biennale, Shenzhen-HongKong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, Tashkent Biennale, Guangzhou Triennial, Guangxi Biennale, Gwangju Biennale (S Korea), MAPP Singapore, ARCO Madrid, Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (HSL), Triennial di Milano (HSL), Performance Art Festival IMAF (Novi Sad, Serbia), Berlin Performance Week (Berlin), Festival of Naked Forms FNAF (Praque), etc. MOST has also been engaging in dialogues with museums and institutions, including M+ Museum (Member of MAG), Education Commission (Sub-committee Member), Heritage Museum (Adviser and Jury) and Hong Kong Arts Development Council (Chairman of Art Education and Acting Chairman of Strategic and Development Board). MOST’s projects crossover art, architecture, theatre and art performance, trajectoring relational aesthetic and activism. MOST organized performance touring in various cities in Asia supported by HK Arts Development Council and Home Affairs Bureau. In the recent years, MOST organizes CROSSING BORDER| BORDER CROSSING: INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF INTERMEDIA in Hong Kong, incorporating live performance, photography, installation, experimental film, as well as their extended form, media and their after-image. MOST also curated projects in Itpark, National Gallery of Kuala Lumpur, Sub-station Singapore, Huchi min City Museum, and some museums in Hong Kong, China and overseas. Andrew Lam has been named as advisor of public art for Hong Kong Heritage Museum and National Grand Theatre, China. CURATORIAL COLLABORATION: Hou Hanru, Rene Block, Jeffrey Aranita, Jay Koh, Lee Weng Choy, WANG Jing, Desmond Hui, etc. ARTISTS COLLABORATED: MOST/ Andrew Lam’s festivals and media projects have been undergoing in a variety of hybrid stream in collaboration with leading artists and architects including dOCUMENTA’s Robert Cohen, HYBRID SPACE LAB, Gerhard Lang, William Furlong, Yan Lei, Song Dong, Yang Fudong, Xu Zhen, and with Venice Biennale’s Chen Jieren, Yao Juichung, Xu Tan, Ren Qian, Cyril Lepetit. Others include Jiang Zhi, Yuan Goangming, National Oxygen, Yang Yong, Kan Xuan, Li Gang, Li Yong Bin, Lu Chunshen, Liu Wei, Chu Jia, Cao Fei, Chen Tong, Wang Gongxin, Cang Xin, Lee Wen, Albert Chu, Hoang Ly, Tozer Pak, Eric Van Hove, ESKYIU, URBANUS, John Lin, Christian Lange, Austin + Mergold, der SPYRA, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, AJAN 21, P-10, Zhou Bin, Dagmar I Glausnitzersmith, Zierle Carter, Lee Wen, Jaeseon Moon, Lee Tal, Martin Zet, and among many others. ARCHITECTS COLLABORATED: Hybrid Space Lab (Frans + Elizabeth; d14 artists), Eskyiu, Urbanus, John Lin, etc. PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION: UABB_SZ 2013 (Final 3rd of Curatorial Competition; 17 International Teams) EMAIL: WHATSAPP: 852-9802 9440 FACEBOOK: Lin Andrew Lam HK