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The Independent explores the contents offered by independent and innovative realities, monitoring the growth of independent spaces and applying a strategy of viral awareness within which each independent group has its own virtual space where it can present its activities.


Independent groups & spaces

Prato, Italy

Kinkaleri was given birth in 1995 as a grouping of formats and means balancing in the attempt. Joining their previous experiences and...

at 8 pm for events; 10 am to 8 pm for meeting with artist or public
Prato, Italy

Artforms is a cultural association born in 2014 with the aim of opening up to the territory by promoting art in its widest forms. It has...

Su appuntamento
Padova, Italy

Aspra.mente originated from the idea of "work in progress", intended as the conception of interdisciplinary projects which develop over time. The work which arises is often product of an in depth preliminary research connected to the socio-cultural context of...

PERSONAL effectsonsale and foodonsale
Bologna, Italy

personal is a collective project about the artist's personal life: during its first three years the research has been focused for the first event - personal effectsonsale - on an object-oriented approach, while for the second event - personal foodonsale - a...

April 2017

Docking places. For a possible "isolario"

With its third issue, co-curated by the independent group Urban Gorillas, from Cyprus, Garibaldi continues to sail the ocean and docks at a new destination: the island. Topos of independence, the Island is investigated both as a physical place and as a symbolic construction. A limit and a potentiality at the same time, the notion of insularity – as if it were a matryoshka of realities – results from the dialogue between different requests which sometimes clash with one another, giving birth to new forms of independence. Treading new paths – from Sicily to Cyprus, from Israel to the Mediterranean up to imaginary places – through architecture, visual art and literature, this time Garibaldi traces a possible isolario.

curated by Simone Ciglia, Elena Motisi, Urban Gorillas



Founded in Beijing in 2010, the group Institute for Provocation is an artistic organization and a working space that promotes cultural exchanges and production of a collective nature. From 12 October to 26 November 2017 at MAXXI


Caffè Internazionale is a Palermo-based club managed by production manager Darrell Shines, artist Stefania Galegati and Davide Ricco, an eclectic barman-curator. From 27 July to 1 October 2017 at MAXXI


European Alternatives is a civil society transnational organisation and citizen movement stemming from an alternative understanding of Europe. From 26 March to 9 April 2017 at MAXXI