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The Independent explores the contents offered by independent and innovative realities, monitoring the growth of independent spaces and applying a strategy of viral awareness within which each independent group has its own virtual space where it can present its activities.


Independent groups & spaces

Padova, Italy

Aspra.mente originated from the idea of "work in progress", intended as the conception of interdisciplinary projects which develop over time. The work which arises is often product of an in depth preliminary research connected to the socio-cultural context of...

C.A.C.C.A. – Cose A Caso Con Attenzione
Italy, Italy

Cose A Caso Con Attenzione means "random things chosen carefully". It's an open fanzine to which anyone can participate. With a poll we choose a keyword and a colour for each issue, then there's time to send drawings, pictures and writings. We select the best...

Self Made Urbanity – research (SMU-research)
Roma, Italy

The transdisciplinary and international group SMU-research was set up in 2009 as a result of the encounter between people belonging to different disciplines - at the boundaries of art and scientific research, tied together by their common interest in issues...

Istanbul, Turkey

PASAJ is an Istanbul based artist initiative. It is run by two artists, two cultural operators and one curator. At PASAJ, the power belongs...

Thursday - Saturday: 3 p.m.-7p.m.
June 2016


In the wake of the exhibition recently closed at MAXXI, the first issue of Garibaldi is dedicated to Istanbul. The independent scene that brings life to the city, a new epicentre for contemporary arena , is explored through multiple voices and perspectives.
Images, words, narrations chase each other in the index of the magazine as in an imaginary urban crossing, giving back the thoughts of a resistant community.
Starting with an overview that intertwines its historical context with geopolitical issues, this edition of Garibaldi delves into some of the themes that characterize the ‘subtext’ of the city: architecture, art, satire, literature and publishing.



“Agopuntura nello spazio pubblico”: a project for social change targeting a vulnerable community at a high risk of marginalization.
From 22 June to 18 September 2016


29 September 2015 – 15 November 2015 MAXXI, Gian Ferrari Room curated by Giulia Ferracci Developed on the basis of read more

Via Borghesiana Philippe Vasset 2015

VIA BORGHESIANA PHILIPPE VASSET 2015 1 – Si j’étais de Borghesiana, je saurais qui a construit mon logement, et comment, read more